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Hay Park Sink Tenacious City

CMI Busselton City missed an ideal opportunity to stay in premiership contention when they lost 2-0 to league leaders, Hay Park United on Sunday.

Certainly the endeavour and tenacity of the local side could not be faulted and indeed they could have easily shared the points with a physical Hay Park outfit.

Initially Busselton City struggled to keep possession and it was only some outstanding goalkeeping by Ange Fytnogiannis that kept them in the game. However with the introduction of teenage striker Lachie Armstrong midway through the first half certainly increased the attacking options for Busselton City. They then fought their way back into the game with key midfielder Danny Kane finding time and space with the ball. However against the run of play Busselton conceded a soft goal to Kieran Kavanagh from a corner kick just prior to the half time break. Early in the second period both Armstrong and Alan Dowling went close to getting their side back on even terms.

New defenders Ben Fish and Miles Palmer-Williams looked comfortable in both winning the ball and getting forward to support the dangerous Armstrong.Throughout the second half Fytnogiannis once again showed his considerable shot stopping skills but could do little to halt Hay Park's Jordan Whitehead grabbing the second goal after he caught out the Busselton defence on a quick counter attack.

Facing an uphill task to get back into the game Busselton didn't shirk the challenge with young midfielders Jaiden Magnion and Jacob Black both returning 90 minute efforts.